South Carolina wedding

Meet Dave

Upon being gifted my first camcorder at eleven years old, a passion for videography was instantly bestowed in me. From this moment, it was certain that one day I would pursue a full time career in filmmaking. Spending my youthful years creating skate videos and later venturing off to college to obtain a degree in Graphic Arts & Video Production, this chosen path of interest has now provided me with nearly thirty years of knowledge and expertise in the field, while having a clear understanding of just how important it is to preserve the most cherished moments in a lifetime. Through this vision, I aim to be the guiding light behind the pages of one of the most sacred chapters in a couples story, their wedding day.

When not creating meaningful art for my clients, I can be found exploring the great outdoors through snowboarding, playing golf, appreciating a calm sunset or enjoying time with my lovely girlfriend and our two dogs, Leo & Nico. We love to travel and look forward to many exciting trips in the future.